Passwords are “So 2010” !

One of the roles I use to do was PC support for a mid size insurance company – as the new IBM PS/2 pc’s were being rolled, out one of the things that was new was that they had a hardware or boot password. I was called to look at a problem with Word Perfect (and does that date me!). On a sticky note on the PC was “the password is whatever”.

This was in the early 90’s and cyber security was no where where it is today as a top of mind issues, but it does illustrate the issue that just a password alone is not that secure.

Can you both improve security and simplify the user experience ?

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Moving beyond personas in a digital workplace

What is a persona? Essentially, personas embody specific demographics in a target audience and provide a useful way to represent the varying IT needs of different sets of users in an enterprise. They help define the different aspects of the workplace across the enterprise. The problem is that when it comes to delivering the digital workplace, personas often tend to be too generic — they don’t cover every situation. Certain specific characteristics are still lacking, including users’ preferences for their primary device, whether they’re entitled to have their mobile phone costs reimbursed and so on. Continue reading