About me

I work as an Senior Technical Staff Member/IT Architect in the IBM’s Global Technology Services as part of our Mobility and Workplace global offering team. I am responsible for the ongoing development of IBM’s application and desktop virtualization offerings – Mobile Virtualization Services (MVS) both on premises and on IBM Cloud (Bluemix Infrastructure as a service).

I have 3 main responsibilities

  • Product development;
  • Bids for customers; and
  • Reviews of current customers.

Prior to my move to IBM GTS I was in the greater IBM’s CIO office in many different roles including the last being Remote Access strategy and development. I was appointed as an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member in October 2009 – the first one in IBM’s CIO outside of North America.

You can connect to me on My Linkedin profile, I’ll accept the invite if I have worked with you or know you somehow.

P.S. the picture at the top is Sydney Harbor in March 1963 – taken by my Dad when we came back into Sydney by boat from England.